Junk and Treasure

Today, as I was cleaning and sorting my office and my bedroom, I realized I had accumulated a lot of stuff.  Most of the things that were in my office are just there collecting dust and my bedroom were full of clothes that I kept telling myself I will wear them later.  But later doesn’t come soon enough. I sorted through and bagged four big black trash bags of things to donate and there are still more to sort.   I was thinking if I should post all these things on craigslist and try to make some money.  Then I came to realize, why fuzz with the trouble of it all when it would be so much easier for me to just drop these bags at the Salvation Army.  I know I would feel so much better knowing if I donate these things someone else can use them.   One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  T’is the season to be giving.  

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Today, I finally had enough courage in me to executive something that I had normally had a hard time doing.  I was never one to break up in a relationship.  I was never one to hurt the other party’s feelings.  I was always one who would sabotage the relationship so that the other party would break up with me.  I was always one to protect other party’s feelings but never my own.  But today, after some time of reflection, I learned that I need to be true to myself when it comes to relationship.  If and when I’m sensing that things are not working in the relationship, I need to be honest and communicate that right away instead of lingering on the thought of giving it more time or continuing to be hopeful that things will work out.  I need to be true to myself first and have the courage to embrace the decision made, whether right or wrong.  I need to embrace it, embracing the fact that I made a decision.  

My favorite break up song is by Barry White called “Whatever we had, we had”  Really listen to the lyrics.  It helps me moved on without regrets.  


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Learning to Post Again!

Here I am learning how to post again with the help of my friend Ron.  I always have wanted to blog but would never find myself making the time or effort until just recently.  I’m currently off work and more so feeling the need to write.  I’m about to venture into new experiences for myself and my daughter.  I would like to capture the arrival of new experiences through blogging.

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New Experience

Hello world!  In an attempt to help my dear friend create a blog for her online business, I created mine to go through the steps with her.  I have never successfully maintained a blog a before.  I had attempted and created a blog but lost it in cyberspace.  Now, with this new opportunity, I will blog about my experience as a single working mom.  I hope to find time to blog daily as a way to express my thoughts and ideas with other bloggers.  Until next time, thanks for reading!

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